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The FBC Youth Program was nominated and won the 2022 Youth Achievement award from the Recycling Council of B.C.!!! The true winners of this prize are the AMAZING Co-Creating a Sustainable BC youth participants/alumni whose work in their communities brought attention to our program. Check out their projects and apply if you’d like to be part of this youth movement for positive solutions! We are always looking for amazing youth to join our programs. Follow us on social media to stay up to date.

About Us

Youth engagement and capacity building is a key component of the Fraser Basin Council. Since 2006, the FBC Youth Program has been focusing on building capacity for youth to engage in sustainability initiatives, deepen understanding on complex issues, gain skills, and access opportunities to take on leadership roles to serve their communities. FBC’s vision for youth engagement is for youth and young adults to actively participate in and contribute to social, environmental, and economic well-being in communities throughout the Fraser Basin and across BC. FBC welcomes youth from all backgrounds and strives to make sustainability leadership as accessible as possible to everyone who wants to take part in it.

Over the years, FBC has engaged youth in many areas including: policy and decision making, leadership and skill building, outreach and engagement, building resilient communities, and connecting education to practice.


We need YOUTH to Co-Create Climate Solutions!

Be Part of the Solutions!

Young people – LIKE YOU – want to contribute to a sustainable future. They want to be involved in making decisions, influencing policy, and being leaders – while having fun. Learn more about this award-winning program and follow us on social media to keep up to date with what Co-Creating a Sustainable BC cohorts are up to in their regions and how they are building a better tomorrow.

Co-Creating a Sustainable BC​

Youth participants lead and implement their own visions for more sustainable communities. Waste Free Fraser Valley is one of the incredible projects created by our 2020-21 cohorts. Their goal was to create awareness of waste, empower others to act, and spread hope by sharing local success stories.

Find out what YOUth can do to
support net-zero in BC!
Listen to the Down to You Podcast!

Down to You is a jargon-free, immersive podcast that uncovers stories of bold, young people reducing carbon emissions in their BC communities. Hosted by Hollis Nelson and Alex Penney.

Down To You Podcast

Down to You podcast is the latest project of the Fraser Basin Council’s Youth Program, where we believe in the power of transforming communities through positive actions. Our work revolves around supporting youth engagement in sustainability initiatives and building their capacity to take on leadership roles in their communities.

Our awesome
Youth Advisory Committee!

We are excited to be working with so many talented young people.
APPLY NOW to join the 2024-2025 FBC YAC!

The FBC Youth Advisory Committee members are a voice for youth in their communities on sustainability and climate change issues. Committee members share their unique insights into key sustainability and climate priorities facing their regions and help shape our Youth Program initiatives to better serve youth across the province.

Our Impact

Learn more about the concrete impact that our initiatives have left on youth and on BC communities. Read stories from our youth alumni and hear from their own words about how they developed their skills, gained connections, and built their careers after participating in the FBC Youth Program’s initiatives.

My Climate Story

The Power of Storytelling!​

Discover how BC youth are experiencing and addressing climate change in their communities! My Climate Story is a learning platform designed to empower and give a voice to youth who are concerned about climate change. Get inspired to take action on climate change now.

Kristen's Story

Kristen bikes! She bikes everywhere all year long. She bikes because it feels good, and she’s not only reducing her own carbon footprint, she’s inspiring others to make biking a common transportation way we get around town.